The University of Virginia Collection

University of Virginia Discard Notice:

"SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: The following photocopies/photographic copies of Brown documents were discarded 11/30/2005 because we were unable to identify institution(s) holding the original documents and because many of the photocopies were mutilated: Loan office book pages;

1786 Jul.6-1784 Mar. Pasyunk farm accounts;

1783 poem about Columbus; 1783 page from Liberty of Conscience;

1786 May 11 Poems on several occasions;

1786 AMs by Charles Brown, age 16;

1786 page from his first essay;

1793 Apr.22; [post 1793], Brown's copy of An enquiry concerning political influence; [ca.1801[ miscellaneous notes and poetry;

1801 Mar. 9; 1801 Oct. 12; 1803 Mar. 16; 1803 Sep. 19; 1807 Aug. 1; 1807 Aug. 3; 1807 Sep. 1; 1810l family Bible records; 1826 June 22; 1836 Apr. 4; 1840 Jun. 29; 1842 Jan.1; 1845 July 1; 1847 Sep. 6; 1847 Sep. 19; 1848 Mar. 5; n.d. A receipt to cure the stone; n.d. notes for Weiland; n.d., list of words; n.d., A dialogue on acquiring knowledge; n.d., miscellaneous notes; n.d.notes for a novel; n.d., Will this be sufficient by way of exercise?; n.d. page beginning "with great courage"; n.d., "From the New York paper ..." ; n.d., "Authors, ancient and modern ..."; n.d., "the reformation of religion ..."; n.d., poems to Della Crusca; n.d., a poem; n.d. ALS to Joseph and James; n.d., ALS, Elijah? Brown; n.d., unidentified mss pages.

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: 2 boxes, Vault - Barrett- Brown

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: OS box L-5 -oversize items Marcive"

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