Scholarly Edition: Collected Writings of Charles Brockden Brown

Bucknell University Press: 7 volumes
General Editor, Mark L. Kamrath
Textual Editor, Philip Barnard

The volumes in this series all follow MLA-CSE guidelines for scholarly editions and receive additional vetting and certification from the CSE. They include Historical and Textual Essays, full textual apparatus, annotation, Appendices, and Indexes. The volumes will be available in print and electronic formats.

The print volumes we intend to produce are as follows:

    Volume 1

    Letters and Early Epistolary Writings

    Edited by Philip Barnard, Elizabeth Hewitt, Mark L. Kamrath, John R. Holmes, and Fritz Fleischmann, with William Dorner

    Published April 2013

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    Volume 2

    The Monthly Magazine and Other Writings, 1789-1802

    Edited by Matthew Pethers, Leonard Von Morze, and Hilary Emmett

    Submit to MLA-CSE December 2022

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    Volume 3

    The Literary Magazine and Other Writings, 1801-1807

    Edited by Robert Battistini, Michael Cody, and Karen Weyler

    Published September 2019

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    Volume 4

    Political Pamphlets

    Edited by Mark L. Kamrath, Stephen Shapiro, and Maureen Tuthill

    Published August 2020

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    Volume 5

    Historical Sketches and Fragments

    Edited by Philip Barnard, Yvette Piggush, and Ed White

    Submit to MLA-CSE August 2023

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    Volume 6

    The American Register and Other Writings, 1807-1810

    Edited by Jared Gardner and Elizabeth Hewitt

    Published September 2022

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    Volume 7


    Edited by Michael Cohen and Alexandra Socarides

    Published October 2020

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