720 XTF Search Results (subject=essay;subject-join=exact;brand=default;f1-date=1809);subject-join%3Dexact;brand%3Ddefault;f1-date%3D1809 Results for your query: subject=essay;subject-join=exact;brand=default;f1-date=1809 Wed, 14 Jan 2009 12:00:00 GMT An Account of Louisiana at the Time of its Transfer to the United States. Brown, Charles Brockden THE precise boundaries of Louisiana, on the north, and west are very extensive, but are at present somewhat doubtful. From the source of the Missisippi, it is bounded eastward by the middle of the channel of that river to the thirty-first degree of latitude: thence, according to its limits, when formerly possessed by France, it stretches eastward as far, at least, as the river Perdigo, which runs into the bay of Mexico, east of the river Mobille. Sun, 01 Jan 1809 12:00:00 GMT American Register of Deaths. Brown, Charles Brockden DIED on the 17th Decem- ber, 1808, at Goshen, on the river Muskingum, state of Ohio, the Rev. David Zeisberger, senior missionary of the united brethren among the Indians, aged eighty seven years and nearly seven months. Sun, 01 Jan 1809 12:00:00 GMT Chronicle. Brown, Charles Brockden Sun, 01 Jan 1809 12:00:00 GMT A Historical Sketch of the Projects Lately Aborted for Detaching South America from Spain …. Brown, Charles Brockden (The following has been glean- ed from a British publication and is published here merely for the sake of the facts, it contains. The dignity and wisdom annexed to Miranda and his projects, by this writer, appears to the editor quite absurd). Sun, 01 Jan 1809 12:00:00 GMT The Illinois Territory. Brown, Charles Brockden By an act of Congress passed February 3d. 1809, it is ordained that after the 1st of March ensu- ing, all that part of the Indiana territory which lies west of the Wabash river in a direct line drawn from the said Wabash ri- ver and post Vincennes, due north to the territorial line between the United States and Canada, shall, for the purpose of temporary go- vernment, constitute a separate territory, and be called Illinois. Sun, 01 Jan 1809 12:00:00 GMT Preface. Brown, Charles Brockden THE fourth volume of the American Register is now presented to the public. The editor indulges the hope that it will be found to contain materials of more value and variety than any former volume. Sun, 01 Jan 1809 12:00:00 GMT Preface. Brown, Charles Brockden TWO years have now elapsed since the publication of the American Register, a work previously unattempted in America. The experiment, so doubtful at first, the Editor has had the sa- tisfaction to believe, has not been unsuccessful. Experience has likewise instructed him in the best form for such a publication, and enabled him gradually to mould the plan of it, in conformtiy to the judgment of the public. Sun, 01 Jan 1809 12:00:00 GMT Sketch of the Changes of the Seat of Government of the United States. Brown, Charles Brockden Above thirty years ago, when it became necessary to resist the encroaching power of a British parliament with all the wisdom and spirit of the country, a gene- ral Congress was called at Phila- delphia. It was chosen as a cen- tral point, in the middlemost of of the middle colonies–itself the most populous of the American cities. Sun, 01 Jan 1809 12:00:00 GMT A Sketch of the Life and Character of John Blair Linn. Brown, Charles Brockden John Blair Linn was descended from ancestors who originally came from the British islands. They appear to have been emi- grants at an early period, and to have given their descendants as just a claim to the title of American, as the nature of things will al- low any civilized inhabitant of the United States to acquire. Sun, 01 Jan 1809 12:00:00 GMT A Sketch of the Life and Character of John Blair Linn. Brown, Charles Brockden The succeeding two years of his life passed in diligent and suc- cessful application to the duties of his pastoral office. The incre- sing infirmities of his venerable colleague made these duties in no small degree heavy to a young man, who was just beginning his career, and who, as yet, had not acquired the benefits of pre- paration and experience. Heavy though they were, and punc- tual and meritorious as was his diligence in their performance, his active spirit found leisure to compose two poems, the last of which was of considerable length, during this interval. Wed, 01 Feb 1809 12:00:00 GMT A Sketch of the Life and Character of John Blair Linn. Brown, Charles Brockden To those early and memorable proofs of literary excellence, Mr. Linn was indebted for the honour of the degree of doctor in divinity, conferred upon him about this time, by the university of Pennsylvania. This honor, never before, probably, conferred upon so young a man, was decreed with a zealous unanimity. It may be deemed the spontaneous reward of merit, since, so far from being sought for or claimed by Mr. Linn, neither he nor his familiar friends entertained the least suspicion of the design, before it was carried into execution. Wed, 01 Mar 1809 12:00:00 GMT Sketch of the Life of General Horatio Gates. Brown, Charles Brockden HORATIO GATES was a native of England, and was born in seventeen hundred and twenty-eight. Of the place of his birth, the condition of his family, the incidents and prospects of his youth, and his education we are not able to communicate any particulars. There is reason to believe that he entered the army pretty early, and began his career as an ensign or lieutenant, yet, we are told, that he obtain- ed my merit merely, the rank of major, and was aid-du-camp to the British officer, who commanded at the capture of Martinico. At the conclusion of the war in seventeen hundred and forty-eight, he was stationed sometime at Halifax in Nova Scotia. At that period, if the date of his birth be accurate, his age did not exceed twenty years. Wed, 01 Nov 1809 12:00:00 GMT Sketch of the Life of General Horatio Gates. Brown, Charles Brockden HOW far the misfortunes of Burgoyne were owing to accidents beyond human control, and how far they are to be ascribed to the indi- vidual conduct and courage of the American commander, would be a useless and invidious inquiry. Reasoning on the ordinary ground, his merits were exceedingly great, and this event entitled him to a high rank among the deliverers of his country. The memory of all former misfortunes were effaced by the magnitude of this victory, and the go- vernment and people vied with each other in expressing their admi- ration of the conquering general. Besides the thanks of congress, the general received from the president a gold medal as a memorial of their gratitude. Fri, 01 Dec 1809 12:00:00 GMT A Sketch of the State of Peru, at the Close of the Eighteenth Century. Brown, Charles Brockden This account is chiefly drawn from the Mercuris Peruanœ, publish- ed at Lima, an abstract of this work appeared in the Edinburgh review for January, 1807, and the following sketch is drawn from that abstract, and from some other sources. Sun, 01 Jan 1809 12:00:00 GMT A System of General Geography [Prospectus]. Brown, Charles Brockden ONE who proposes to present to the world a new system of geography, may reasonably be asked, if the world be not already in possession of a sufficient number of such works. To this it may be answered, that an addition to their number can produce no inconvenience, since the works already extant on this subject will not be necessarily superseded or ex- cluded from the library or closet by a new publication; and that some positive advantage will arise from multiplying the objects of our choice. The more candidates there are for public favour, the more beneficial is the choice that may be made among them. Sun, 01 Jan 1809 12:00:00 GMT