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1Author:B (possibly by Brown)Requires cookie*
 Article:Review. The History of Virginia, from its first settlement to the present day. By John Burk. Vol. 1. 8vo.Petersburg, 1804. pp. 348  
 Publication:The Literary Magazine and American Register  vol. III,  issue 20,  pp. 389–396  
 Place of Publication:Philadelphia 
 Publisher:John Conrad & Co. 
 Publication Date:May 1805 
 Accession #:1805-05389 
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2Author:H (hybrid work; portions attributed to Brown)Requires cookie*
 Article:[Review of] The Lay of the Last Minstrel. To the Editor, etc.  
 Publication:The Literary Magazine and American Register  vol. IV,  issue 23,  pp. 99–102  
 Place of Publication:Philadelphia 
 Publisher:John Conrad & Co. 
 Publication Date:August 1805 
 Accession #:1805-08099 
 Hybridity note:[Browns seems to write the first and last two paragraphs, reprinting and editing the remainder from The Edinburgh Review (April 1805), 1-20.] 
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3Author:B (possibly by Brown)Requires cookie*
 Article:Review. Letters from Europe, during a Tour through Switzerland and Italy, in the Years 1801 and 1802. By a Native of Pennsylvania. 2 vols. 8vo  
 Publication:The Literary Magazine and American Register  vol. IV,  issue 27,  pp. 467–470  
 Place of Publication:Philadelphia 
 Publisher:John Conrad & Co. 
 Publication Date:December 1805 
 Accession #:1805-12467 
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