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To Harriot. Thursday Noon.

That indeed will be a blissful sanction ‸ testimony of its truth. Imagination already
bears me to your arms. My lips already feel the animating pressure. Sighs
and transports are the only eloquence to which thou shalt then listen. But do
you not dread the intoxication of the moment. That bosom which it is criminal
to name, thinkest thou that I shall not be irrisistibly tempted—to touch
to gaze with too much greediness, at its enchanting undulations. What—has
your discretion forsaken you? Do not you percieve that I shall stand on
the very brink of the frightful precipice. That reason will be powerless.
That her throne will be usurped by passion.? What then will become of you
Will Angels shield thee from the contagion, and breathe around thee
uninfected airs

Ah! No. My apprehensions are vain! Caution would be superfluous
For thou art all excellence and purity and I all reverence and adoration.
Thou canst easily check the carreer of my impetuosity; I shall shrink from the

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rigours of a look. I shall not clasp thee without shuddering. Thou art too
austerely ‸ unvoluptiously beautiful

Am I indeed eloquent? It is to love that the wand of Hermes is indebte
for t its magic power. But how far am I surpassed by you whose silence
produces all the effects of moving oratory. but if my eloquence shall always
keep pace with my sincerity I am confident that I shall always merit your
encomiums.— but the hour of our meeting hastens. I wait impatintly
to salute you. I shall not forget the additional ceremony. No, by heaven I shall not
omit it. Why have you not always treated with the same inchanting
familiarity, and suffered ‸ permit me to touch as well as gaze. The constraint which
you have imposed upon me was intolerablle. It is now removed, removed forever.
You will not hinder me from tasting the delicious fragrance of these lips
You will not sternly interdict my kisses. You will not banish me from
that heaving bosom. What sweet ‸ what nourishing repose shall I ‸ not taste in your arms.

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