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Of sweet little things, a sweet musical string
Is the sweetest, and this is a "sweet little thing."
Not best muscavado, nor honey in spring
Was ever so sweet as this "sweet little thing"
I would place, if all things were ranged in a ring
In the midst of all sweet things, this "sweet little thing
Ne'er on May's dewy lap, did sweet Zephyrus fling
A sweetness more sweet than this "sweet little thing"
Nor did May, queen of sweets, ever shake from her wing
A Sweet half so sweet, as this "sweet little thing"
Were I bard to a beehive, I sweetly would sing
In that treasure of sweetness, "this sweet little thing"
No frolicksome cherub from Eden would bring
A sweet thing so sweet as this "sweet little thing.'
No sweet soldier of Hybla, e'er sweetened his sting
With a sweet that outsweetens this sweet little thing.

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No Sweetener of Sweets, e'er prepared for his king
In his sweetest of sweets, such a sweet little thing ~