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Philada. Septr. 19, 1796~~
My friend

I came hither yesterday. I had such slight hopes that thou wast in the
City, that I felt their disappointment by thy absence the less forcibly; and now I
I hardly know why I take up the pen to write to thee. Thou hast lately totally
abandoned me, and hast furnished me with nothing on which to comment. Thou
deemest me unworthy of being informed with respect to the present Situation
of thy affairs, thy health or those of thy Laura. Thou art doubtless influenced
by thy old opinion, that the difference between our principles justifies or requires
the ceasing of all intercourse between us.~

With this perswasion on thy part why should I write to
thee? Yet I cannot forbear. I have been too long accustomed to thy friendship
and thy intercourse, easily to relinquish it. Thou hast too justt a claim upon
my esteem, not to make me anxious to know whether thy condition be prospe
=rous or adverse, and what the state of those perplexities [gap] ‸ is which have aimed
such deadly blows at thy happiness.

My brother James, agreably to my request, shewed thee the le [gap]
which my own views are explained. Thou art therefore no stranger to them. [gap]
came hither to see my brother and his wife, who shortly return to their distant
home, and to seek out what pieces of my paper-furniture I shall need, during
my abode in N.Y. I do not expect to stay here above a week.

My health is considerably improved. I owe it, I believe chiefly to
much exercise. Dunlap and I did not spare ourselves while in Jersey, and once
wandered from his home, no less than thirty miles. I bring with m[gap] from our
friends at NY. particular remembrances for thee: Believe ‸ me, it is with pleasure
that I take this opportunity of delivering them. Present my respects to Laura
C. B. Brown~~~

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Joseph Bringhurst Junr.~
Delaware State .~

S __ 5
Stockings 4
Stocks __ 2
Hand __ 2
Caps ___ 2