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Having gained secure possession of the south, attention became fixed
upon the northern spaces. Two millions of men, unlettered: ferocious, wan
dering, in camps & bodies of 20,0.00. each, liable to rage, caprice & hostility
The ground all lofty, the summit of a mountain, itself not uniform,
& divided into— 1. Flat. Sandy. Brackish = water. Riverless. Treeless.
Scanty & coarse shrubs.

2. As before.

600  600  750.  300 
Flat  Flat...  Unequal  Pl. & valley. 
Sandy.  Sand...  Stony  Mould 
Riverless  Riverless  Rivterless  Riverfull 
Treeless  Stunted Trees  Thinly Wooded  Well wooded 
Scant. Herb.  Scant. Herb   Plentiful 
Salt Springs.  Fresh Springs  Fresh Springs  Forestful 
Uncultivated.  Uncultiv.[gap]   Sterile.  Fertile 
Unpastured.  pasturable  Fallow 
Uninhabited   Inhabited   Past 

Safety requires the amity, subjection, or extirpation of such neighbours
& only requires cultivation to be introduced where possible.
Embassies, presents, invitations, first passed for thirty years
Confederacy, of thirty tribes of among an hundred. The Mongols called
Invasion by four armies, of fiftyeighty thousand each, at different points
Sudden. Unexpected. Make great havock. Advance into the heart of
the empire. Defeat & destroy many inconsiderable detachments

Forces collected. Fearful of employing or arming the chineze. Greeks
the only rulers & soldiers in the country. Enough to preserve interior
tranquility, but not to resist invasion. Levees in Aglandu & troops
transported. Interim, Tartars make great progress & inflict great
calamities. Alliance between Tartars & Chineze rebels. Blood shed &
confusion every where for first year.

Troops, Second ‸ & third, 4 & 5. years, levied, transported to China. Land. forming
five armies, 400, thousand each. Tartar leaders, holding independent
possession of four provinces. Natives first siding with them in
enmity to the Greeks. Afterwards repenting their submission, passive
spectators or reluctant enemies of the Greeks.

The tartars defeated, surrendered, starved, exterminated,
in succession.

4. Provinces revolted, the Greek unable to retain them. Leave the
revolters unmolested till the tartars are repelled.

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Before this event the military establishment was forty thousand men
in each of the fifteen provinces. This force, joining with lenient government
with watchful superintendance, & with the pacific, dispersed, &
unarmed state of the people, was thought sufficient. It did not prove

Five years more of obstinate & cruel war were necessary to
suppress the rebellious provinces. The rancourous & hostile spirit
broke out among the natives with amazing force. The Spirit of
vengeance & despair was let loose, & the commotions ended not
not till the axe & the sword had wasted without limits.


area  1.500.000.  375. 
Prov  15.  100.000.  250.  25. Mill. 

During this war the Alloan troops were employed in the
field against the Tartars & Chineze, or in maintaining the
provinces at peace.

For ten years, there were ‸ constantly   Garrison .  500.000. 
Field.  300.000.
Tartars, in Arms, at one time, till finally subdued
their numbers being constantly recruited. 
Whole number of Tartars in Arms
throughout the war _________ 
Tartars slain  800.000 
Chineze in arms, at one time  1250.000. 
In arms throughout the war  3.000.000. 
Chineze slain in battle  3000.000. 
Chineze, slain, by Military execution, by 
Tartars  20.000.000. 
Alloans  10.000.000. 
Alloans: Slain, in battle In arms, at one time   300.000. 
Throughout the war  1500.000. 
Slain in battle  1.100.000 
Allo, Cas. & Mas: massacred in J. provinces.  400.000.
Total Slain  42.500.000. 

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