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Art. XIV.

A Sermon on the Propriety of attend-
ing Public Worship, and an at-
tentive, serious Conduct in the House
of God. By
John Eliot, D. D.
Minister of the New North Church,
. 8vo. pp. 36. Boston. Rus-
sell. 1800.

THE text of this respectable
sermon is chosen from Pro-
verbs viii. 31. Blessed is the man
that heareth me, watching daily at
my gates, waiting at the posts of my
The design of the author
is two-fold, corresponding with
the title of the sermon. First,
to show the propriety and import-
ance of meeting with the public
worshippers of God on the Sabbath;
and, secondly, to inculcate the duty
of behaving in a serious, attentive,
and reverent manner, while engaged
in this solemn service. A great
part of the first head, after some
general remarks, is employed in
answering the excuses and objec-
tions of those who do not attend on
the public institutions of religion.
The second is chiefly taken up in
showing, that in attending on the
services of the sanctuary, we should
divest our minds of prejudice, and
listen with candour; that we should
avoid all levity of behaviour; that
we should apply the things delivered
to ourselves; and, finally, that we
should suffer them to remain and
operate on the heart.

This sermon appears to have
been published with a particular
view to the instruction and improve-
ment of the congregation commit-
ted to the author's pastoral charge.
It is accordingly written in that
style of serious, unaffected good
sense, and persuasive plainness,
which are well calculated to answer
the purpose intended. Doctor E.
makes no attempt to dazzle by the
fervour and boldness of oratory;
but seems continually intent on
convincing and persuading those
whom he addresses. His mode of
treating the subject discovers read-
ing, reflection, and an acquaintance
with the human heart. His style
is perspicuous and manly, though
sometimes negligent. We think
this a valuable addition to the nu-
merous sermons which have been
published on the same subject.