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Art. XXX.

A Sermon, delivered before the Military
Officers, Apollo Lodge, and a large
and respectable number of the Citi-
zens of Troy, (N. Y.) in consequence
of the Death of Lieutenant General

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George Washington. By Jonas
Coe, A. M. Minister of the Pres-
byterian Church in Troy. pp.
Troy. Moffit and Co. 1800.

THIS sermon deserves to be re-
spectfully noticed among the
numerous productions which have
issued from the press on the same
subject. The text is taken from
ii. Samuel ii. 27. How are the
mighty fallen, and the weapons of war
After a short and appro-
priate introduction, Mr. C. pro-
ceeds to consider the subject with
reference to the venerable man
whose death occasioned the address.
In doing this, he represents him
under distinct heads, as mighty—in
his personal talents and virtues—
in his public transactions and at-
chievements—and in his private
character and life. The discourse
is then concluded, with several
practical inferences.

Mr. C. writes with considerable
animation. The sketch which he
gives of the character of Washing-
ton, is brief and rapid. His admi-
ration of that stupendous man is
ardent and unbounded; and his
mode of delineating his talents and
virtues, savours more of the fervour
of oratory, than of a disposition to
weigh and discriminate with accu-
racy. But while he paints, in glow-
ing colours, human excellence, he
does not forget that serious and be-
coming reference to the divine
agency in all earthly greatness, to
which religion demands our con-
tinual attention.

Though this will not be classed
with the first rate publications on
the same subject, it will still occu-
py a very respectable place in the

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