Art. XXXVII. [Review of] Greatness the Result of Goodness, a Sermon, occasioned by the Death of George Washington, late Commander in Chief of the Armies, and First President, of the United States of America, who died December 14, 1799, aged 68. By Samuel West, D.D. Pastor of the Church in Hollis Street, Boston. 8vo. pp. 17. Boston. Manning and Loring. 1800. [and review of] A Discourse, delivered at Hartford February 22, 1800, the day set apart by Recommendation of Congress, to pay a Tribute of Respect to the Memory of General George Washington, who died December 14, 1799. By Abel Flint, Pastor of the South Church in Hartford. 8vo. pp. 22. Hartford. Hudson and Goodwin. 1800


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