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no. v.
Castor and Pollux.

Castor and Pollux, were twin
brothers, and sons of Jupiter and
Leda. Mercury, immediately after
their birth, carried them to Pallena,
where they were educated, and
as soon as they had arrived at the
years of maturity, they embarked

with Jason on the Argonautic expe-
dition. In this adventure, they
both behaved with signal courage;
the latter conquered and slew Amy-
cus, in the combat of the cestus,
and was ever after considered the
god and patron of boxing and wrest-
ling.... the former distinguished him-
self in the management of horses.
After their return from Colchis
they cleared the Hellespont and the
neighbouring pass from pirates,
from which circumstance they have
always been deemed the protectors
of navigators.

They made war against the A-
thenians, to recover their sister
Helen whom Theseus had carried
away, and from their clemency to
the conquered, they acquired the
surname of Anaces or Benefac-

They were invited to the nuptial
feasts of Lycas and Idus, where be-
coming enamoured with the brides,
(the daughters of Leucippus).... a
battle ensued in which Lycas fell by
the hand of Castor, who was killed
by Idas. Pollux revenged the death
of his brother in the blood of Idus.
Pollux tenderly attached to his
brother, and inconsolable for his
loss, intreated Jupiter either to re-
store Castor to life, or permit him
to resign his own immortality; Ju-
piter listened benignly to his prayer,
and consented that the immortality
of Pollux should be shared with his
brother, and that it should be alter-
nately enjoyed by them. This act,
of fraternal love, Jupiter rewarded
by making the two brothers constel-
lations in heaven, under the name
of Gemini, which never appear
together, but when one rises the
other sets.

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