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For the Literary Magazine.

french revolutionary

THE French revolution having
now apparently drawn to a close, it
may not be uninteresting to take a
short view of the revolutionary

May 5, 1789. States general met
at Versailles.

October 6. The king brought from
Versailles to Paris.

June 21, 1791. The king fled from
Paris....brought back from Varennes.

September 14. The king accepts
the constitution.

June 20, 1792. The king assaulted
in the Thuilleries.

August 10. The Thuilleries taken,
and the king takes refuge in the le-
gislative assembly.

September 22. Convention met.....
royalty year

January 21, 1793. The king be-

May 31, 1793. Brissotine party

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arrested….condemned 9th, and guil-
lotined the 10th Brumaire.

July 27, 1794. Roberspierrian
party guillotined....10th Thermidor,
2d year.

September 22, 1795. New consti-
tution put in force of five directors.

September 4, 1797. Two direc-
tors and fifty-two deputies arrested
for a conspiracy to introduce royal-
ty....18th Fructidor, 5th year.

November 9, 1799. Bonaparte

seizes the reins of government (18th
Brumaire) and establishes the con-

December 15, 1799. Bonaparte
named first consul.

June 14, 1800. Battle of Ma-

August 4, 1802. Bonaparte made
first consul for life, with power to
name a successor.

————1804. Bonaparte
made emperor.

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