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the illinois territory.

By an act of Congress passed
February 3d. 1809, it is ordained
that after the 1st of March ensu-
ing, all that part of the Indiana
territory which lies west of the
Wabash river in a direct line
drawn from the said Wabash ri-
ver and post Vincennes, due north
to the territorial line between the
United States and Canada, shall,
for the purpose of temporary go-
vernment, constitute a separate
territory, and be called Illinois.

There shall be established with-
in the territory a government in
all respects similar to that provi-
ded by the ordinance of congress,
passed on the thirteenth of July,
one thousand seven hundred and
eighty seven, for the govern-
ment of the territory of the Uni-
ted States, north west of the river
Ohio; and by an act passed on
the seventh of August, one thou-
sand seven hundred and eighty
nine, for the government of the
territory north west of the river
Ohio; and the inhabitants shall
enjoy all the rights secured to
the people of the territory of the
United States, north west of the
river Ohio.

The officers for the said terri-
tory shall respectively exercise
the same powers, perform the
same duties, and receive the same
compensations, as have been pro-
vided for similar officers in the
Indiana territory. –And the du-
ties and emoluments of superin-

tendant of Indian affairs, shall be
united with those of governor.
–So much of the ordinance for
the government of the territory
of the United States, north west
of the Ohio river, as relates to
the organization of a general as-
sembly therein, and prescribes
the powers thereof, shall operate
in the Illinois territory, whenever
satisfactory evidence shall be gi-
ven to the governor thereof, that
such is the wish of a majority of
the freeholders, notwithstanding
there may not be five thousand
free male inhabitants, of the age
of twenty one. Provided, that
until there shall be five thou-
sand free male inhabitants of
twenty one years and upwards
the whole number of representa-
tives to the general assembly
shall not be less than seven, nor
more than nine, to be appointed
by the governor to the several
counties in the said territory, a-
greeably to the number of free
males of the age of twenty one
years and upwards, which they
may respectively contain.

Until otherwise ordered by the
legislature of the territory, Kas-
kaskia on the Mississippi shall
be the seat of government.

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